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Social Worker / Counselor / Marriage and Family Therapist / Psychologist - Full-Time/Part-Time remote telehealth and/or in-office.
Xpress Wellness offers a great working environment with opportunities to work from your own home through a telehealth platform and within state-of-the-art facilities, flexible work schedules, competitive wages and incentives, comprehensive insurance benefits including medical, dental, life, vision and disability. Xpress Wellness offers a 401k retirement plan with generous company match. Helping people get better is our business so taking care of our people is critical to our success.

We are seeking several licensed social workers and mental health counselors to join our team in several locations across Oklahoma. Remote work from your home is available. Multiple clinics across Oklahoma also available if you prefer working in a clinic. Different client populations available to match your preferences and skills. Employed position with benefits available for full-time employment. Part-time employment with very competitive hourly rates to supplement your income. Immediate positions available. Work 100% remotely or a combination of remote and in-clinic.

Work with our Xpress Wellness Urgent Care designated Rural Health Clinics providing brief appointments using a primary care behavioral health model. Minimal paperwork. Provide the service, document in-session using a simple encounter note, and allow the billing team to handle the rest. Our treatment team members have the flexibility to provide brief behavioral health services as well as traditional mental health counseling services depending on your role and the needs of your patients.

Salary: $65,000 - $90,000 per year full-time, (based on hours worked/month) + employee benefits! Full-time team members enjoy a guaranteed base salary with incentive pay. High hourly commission for part-time employment.

Location: Oklahoma, multiple locations across the State. Work 100% remotely from your own home or office. A combination of remote work and in-clinic services is available. We have several clinics across the State to match you with one near where you live. Kansas and Texas locations will also be available soon.

  • 100% work from home on a telehealth platform is possible. Multiple sites across the State of Oklahoma if you prefer to have a mix of in-person and telehealth services. We can match you with a clinic closest to where you live. Minimal to no travel required.
  • Full-time salary and employee benefits available. Enjoy employee benefits such as competitive wages with incentives, paid time off, comprehensive insurance benefits, and retirement plan with generous company match.
  • Flexible schedule: Full-time and part-time positions available. Set your own work schedule availability. Be a full-time employee or supplement your current income on a part-time hourly basis.
  • Full-time employees enjoy a base salary for guaranteed income with incentive pay. Part-time employees receive a very competitive hourly rate.
  • Minimal paperwork. Using a Primary Care Behavioral Health Model, documentation is done during sessions and is limited to a brief encounter (progress) note per visit.
  • Electronic Medical Record with patient engagement allows the patient to provide most of the relevant information before your first appointment and enables automated follow up and appointment reminders. Built in patient education materials and documentation prompts make documentation flow simply, thereby stimulating patient discussion and improving treatment outcomes. Patient portal provides a confidential way to communicate with patients outside of appointments.
  • A Patient Service Specialist will help with patient communications outside of regular appointments, handling referrals, scheduling appointments, and other duties to help you maximize your efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Using a primary care behavioral health model, most appointments are brief (20-30 minutes), problem specific, and solution focused.
  • No severe mental health, no severe addiction, no patients with psychosis or high-acuity. We encourage a generalist practice approach with use of motivational interviewing, brief solution-focused therapy, behavioral activation techniques and standard cognitive behavioral therapy. Ages and presenting problems can be matched to therapist’s preferences and skill sets.
  • Collaboration with primary care providers is encouraged and medical consultation is available within our primary care and urgent care services.
Qualifications: Licensed Mental Health Professional with an active LCSW, LPC, LMFT, or Psychologist license in the State where patients are, currently Oklahoma. We will be expanding to hire licensed social workers, counselors, and Psychologists in Kansas and Texas soon.

Who Should Apply?
  • Licensed Clinical Social Workers, Licensed Professional Counselors, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists, and Psychologists (Psy.D.) are all encouraged to apply!
  • Therapists looking for a position to work from anywhere. All you need is a phone, computer, and a good WIFI connection. Must be licensed in the State providing services, currently Oklahoma. Expanding to Kansas and Texas soon.
  • Therapists looking for an employee-based job with a consistent salary and benefits but still have the flexibility in your schedule and the ability to either work exclusively from home via telehealth or a combination of remote telehealth and in-clinic services.
  • Therapists experienced in providing services within the primary care behavioral health model or those looking for a fresh approach to mental health counseling with shorter visits and greater focus on behavioral, thinking, and physical change.

Key Tasks and Responsibilities:
  • Provides direct mental health services in a mostly telehealth platform through multiple Rural Health Clinic locations. Office and alternate site locations depending on provider location and provider preferences.
  • Completes functional assessments to identify presenting problem/s, factors contributing to and factors that may alleviate or resolve presenting problem/s.
  • Plans and implements interventions in collaboration with the patient, family/caregivers, and healthcare providers, and follows up as appropriate.
  • Provides evaluation and diagnosis, targeted interventions, instruction, observation, and follow up to patients and family/caregivers to assist in improving behavioral, emotional, thinking, learning, and social relationship functioning.
  • Maintains encounter notes for each patient contact and other clinical documentation relevant to patient care.
  • Provides information and referral services for organization, patients, and families/caregivers regarding patient needs.
  • Collaborates with referral sources, other providers, and team members in providing person-centered and whole-person collaborative care.
Skills and Attributes:
  • Interpersonal, communication, and problem-solving skills.
  • Ability to maintain confidentiality and professionalism.
  • Demonstrated competency in provision of functional assessments, brief solution-focused therapy, diagnosing mental conditions, motivational interviewing and other relevant skill sets related to mental health care.
  • Capable of working independently and collaborate with others.
  • Basic computer and telecommunication technology skills.
  • Master's degree from accredited social work or mental health-related field of study is required, such as social work, counseling psychology, marriage and family therapy, psychology. Or an Advanced Practice Nurse certified in a psychiatric mental health specialty and licensed as a registered nurse in State practicing.
  • Active clinical social work, mental health counseling or psychology related license in state practicing.  
  • Basic Life Support.
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