Behavioral Health Provider (Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Psychologist, PMHNP) – Nursing Home Supportive Care Job – Sapulpa, OK

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Behavioral Health Care Provider in Nursing Care Facilities
Licensed Clinical Social Worker | Psychologist | PMH Nurse Practitioner
Full-Time Salaried or Part-Time Hourly
Xpress Wellness offers a great working environment with opportunities to work in several different settings depending on your preferences. Xpress Wellness started out as an urgent care but is rapidly growing and expanding into other wellness programs to provide a broader spectrum of care. Our behavioral health care services program is rapidly growing to include opportunities in nursing facilities, outpatient counseling by telehealth and in clinics across Oklahoma. We offer flexible work schedules, competitive wages and incentives, comprehensive insurance benefits including medical, dental, life, vision, and disability. Xpress Wellness offers a 401k retirement plan with generous company match.
Helping people get better is our business so taking care of our people is critical to our success.

We are seeking licensed clinical social workers or licensed psychologists or PMH Nurse Practitioners to join our behavioral health care team in several locations across Oklahoma. We provide nursing care behavioral health and supportive care in nursing and post-acute care facilities. Behavioral health care providers are needed to provide services in nursing facilities, rural health clinics, and by telehealth across the State of Oklahoma.

Work with our Xpress Wellness Urgent Care designated Rural Health Clinics providing brief appointments using a primary care behavioral health model. Minimal paperwork. Our treatment team members have the flexibility to provide brief behavioral health services as well as general mental health counseling services with a wide range of presenting problems and populations. Patient service specialists help our providers with administrative tasks, such as patient registration, scheduling, billing, and other indirect patient care activities so providers can focus mostly on direct patient care.

Salary: We offer a competitive base salary for full-time employment plus employee benefits! Full-time team members enjoy a guaranteed base salary with incentive pay for meeting certain productivity goals. Plus receive reimbursement and paid time off for continuing education training. Competitive rate for part-time contractors to supplement income is also available. Salary is negotiable based on experience, competencies, and population served.

Location: Behavioral Health Care in Nursing Care Facilities is available in several nursing homes in Oklahoma, and we continue to expand into new areas. Our focus is to provide this needed service in rural areas that experience a shortage of resources. Our current openings are mostly in the Southeastern Oklahoma region, Tulsa and southeast of Tulsa, but we plan to expand into other areas.

  • Work with mostly older adults experiencing behavioral health issues in post-acute care and nursing care facilities. Multiple sites across the State of Oklahoma with growth potential. We can match you with facilities and clinics closest to where you live. Travel to assigned nursing care facilities and outpatient clinics can be negotiated.
  • Full-time salary and employee benefits available. Enjoy a base salary for guaranteed income with incentive pay. Part-time employees receive a very competitive hourly rate. Full-time positions include employee benefits such as competitive wages with incentives, paid time off, comprehensive insurance benefits, and retirement plan with generous company match.
  • Training expense reimbursement and paid time off for CEs.
  • Flexible schedule: Set your own work schedule availability. Be a full-time salaried employee or supplement your current income on a part-time hourly basis.
  • Minimal paperwork. Using a Primary Care Behavioral Health model, documentation is minimal with no extensive prior authorization forms to complete.
  • Electronic Medical Record with automated appointment reminders, integrated telehealth platform, patient education, electronic patient registration and simple documentation flow to reduce paperwork burden.
  • A Patient Service Specialist is available to assist with patient registration and administrative support to help you maximize your efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Using a primary care behavioral health model, most appointments are brief (20-30 minutes), problem specific, solution focused, and supportive.
  • Generalist Practice, typically one session per week, per patient. We encourage a generalist practice approach with the use of supportive care, motivational interviewing, brief solution-focused therapy, behavioral activation techniques, and cognitive behavioral therapy, along with other modalities appropriate to the patient’s situation.
  • Collaboration with primary care and medication management providers is encouraged and medical consultation is available.
  • Psychotropic medication management is available to assist in the therapeutic process when appropriate. Medical consultation is available.
  • Supportive administrative and leadership team is available for questions, training, consultation, and coordination.
Qualifications: Must have an active license in Clinical Social Work, Psychologist, or PMH Nurse Practitioner in the State where patients are, currently Oklahoma.

Who Should Apply?
  • Licensed Clinical Social Workers, Psychologists, and PMH Nurse Practitioners who want to provide supportive care to mostly older adults in post-acute care and nursing care facilities.
  • Behavioral Health Providers looking for a position in a growing company with several options in settings, ages, populations, and presenting problems.
  • Therapists looking for an employee-based job with a consistent salary and benefits but still have the flexibility in your schedule and the ability to work exclusively in one type of setting or a variety of settings.
  • Therapists experienced in providing services within the primary care behavioral health model, supportive care, nursing home and hospice behavioral health care. Professionals looking for a fresh approach to mental health counseling with a focus on improving quality of life for people in residential nursing care facilities.
  • Therapists who want to be a part of a growing company that is working to provide a wide spectrum of care to address whole-person wellness.
Key Tasks and Responsibilities:
  • Provides direct mental health counseling and behavioral health services in nursing care and post-acute care facilities in multiple locations across Oklahoma. Office and alternate site locations depending on provider location and provider preferences.
  • Completes functional assessments to identify presenting problem/s, factors contributing to and factors that may alleviate or resolve presenting problem/s.
  • Plans and implements interventions in collaboration with the patient, family/caregivers, and health care providers, and follows up as appropriate.
  • Provides evaluation and diagnosis, targeted interventions, instruction, observation, and follow up to patients and family/caregivers to assist in improving behavioral, emotional, thinking, learning, and social relationship functioning.
  • Maintains encounter notes for each patient contact and other clinical documentation relevant to patient care.
  • Provides information and referral services for organization, patients, and families/caregivers regarding patient needs.
  • Collaborates with referral sources, other providers, and team members in providing person-centered and whole-person collaborative care.
  • PMH Nurse Practitioners will also provide psychotropic medication evaluations and management.
Skills and Attributes:
  • Interpersonal, communication, and problem-solving skills.
  • Ability to maintain confidentiality and professionalism.
  • Demonstrated competency in provision of functional assessments, diagnosing mental health conditions, formulating a care plan, supportive care, solution-focused therapy, motivational interviewing and other relevant skill sets related to mental health care.
  • Capable of working independently and collaborate with others.
  • Basic computer and telecommunication technology skills.
  • Master of Social Work degree from accredited social work program. Or psychology degree that qualifies for licensure as a psychologist. Or Advanced Practice Nurse certified in a psychiatric mental health specialty.
  • Active and unrestricted clinical social work or psychologist license in state practicing. Licensed Advanced Practice Nurse certified in a psychiatric mental health specialty in State practicing.
  • Basic Life Support (training provided).
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